App Code Labs is a programming site with a mission to help iOS developers. We publish easy-to-follow tutorials on all things iOS, Swift and Objective-C. We know many answers can be found on StackOverflow, but sometimes a slightly longer tutorial is what you need to get an initial understanding of a subject.

App Code Labs was founded by Lee Dowthwaite, a UK-based app developer with 8 years’ experience of developing commercial iOS apps and a long history of software development before that, stretching all the way back to the heady days of 1980s 8-bit games programming. His first ever game was hand-coded entirely in hex because as a school kid he couldn’t afford an assembler.

That’s right kids – in the old days you had to pay for development tools!

My other sites include:-

  • gethttp.info : a super-minimal tool that shows you your HTTP headers without having to break out your browser’s inspector pane. Also work directly from the command line using cURL!